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Todd Lasher

Principal architect, Todd Lasher, has 20 years of professional experience with the ability to deliver truly unique, inventive, and site-specific designs to clients.

By listening to the needs of our clients our ultimate goal is to create a space that invites, inspires, and is truly unique.

Clients are offered the highest level of professional services.  With principal involvement in every phase, our clients are led confidently through the design and construction process.


Hudson Lasher

Hudson Lasher has this rare ability to work well from both the analytical, detail oriented side of his brain as well as the creative, artistic side.  This results in projects that naturally flow with a unified design.

Hudson is an intern architect with over 5 years’ experience in Rev-It, Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and 3D modeling.

He has a Bachelor of Art in Environmental Design from Montana State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon.

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